Camp II

302 East M.B. Brady Street

Located at the southeast corner of Brady and Detroit in Downtown Tulsa, Camp II exists to meet a growing need for quality workspace for startup founders and their teams.

The 9,000 sqft office space has 12 fully-furnished offices, two conference rooms, a kitchen and a 36 Degrees North team member  onsite during business hours. The space is primarily designed for companies with three to ten employees.

Camp II members also get full access to 36 Degrees North's main location, known as Basecamp


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Membership Details

Offices at Camp II range from $900/month to $2100/month. Camp II members can either pay month-to-month or a get a discounted rate by signing a year-long lease. Camp II membership includes the following amenities:

  • Furnished offices
  • Small, locked storage space
  • Fully-equipped conference rooms
  • Free printing, copying and scanning
  • Mail service
  • Limited parking availablity
  • Kitchen with local coffee and healthy snacks
  • Receptionist present during business hours
  • Admission to all classes, workshops and member-only events at 36°N Basecamp

Apply to Work at Camp II

If you're interested in renting a Camp II office, please fill out this form. Camp II memberships are for startups with teams of 3-10 people. Individuals and smaller teams are encouraged to apply for membership at Basecamp.

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