About 36 Degrees North


36 Degrees North (36°N) is Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs. It's the best place to find high-quality workspace, helpful resources and a diverse community of passionate individuals, so business owners can connect, grow and create long-lasting, impactful businesses.

Who uses 36 Degrees North?

Startup founders, small business owners, freelancers and remote workers who want to work out of a beautiful space in a great neighborhood, create impactful business connections and feel known by the community around them.

Core Values

  • Put People First

  • Empathize with Entrepreneurs

  • See It and Do It

  • Be the Best

Where did the name "36 Degrees North" come from?

36 Degrees North is the latitudinal line that runs through Tulsa, Oklahoma. Identifying with this marker emphasizes the fact that we are both a physical spot where entrepreneurs gather and a metaphorical point on an entrepreneurial journey.


3D Tour of 36 Degrees North

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