About 36 Degrees North


36 Degrees North (36°N) is Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs. It's the best place to find a high-quality workspace, meaningful resources, and a diverse community of passionate individuals, so you can focus on creating a long-lasting, impactful business.


  • Pursue Wisdom and Experience

  • Focus on What Matters

  • Share Transparently

  • Listen Actively

  • Show Empathy

  • Be Persistent

  • Create Peace

  • Do the Right Thing

Where did the name "36 Degrees North" come from?

36 Degrees North is the latitudinal line that runs through Tulsa, Oklahoma. Identifying with this marker helps convey the fact that we are both a physical spot on the earth where entrepreneurs gather and a point on many people's professional journey.


3D Tour of 36 Degrees North

2018 Mosaic Bug.png
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