Workshops are a great way to learn the basics of running a business, but sometimes you just need to talk one-on-one with another human being. 36 Degrees North has the best network of business experts in Tulsa. Meet with a leading Industry or Program Expert to get specific advice, or let us pair you with someone from our curated list of Mentors to engage in an ongoing dialogue about your business. 


Want to Help?


Industry Experts


Industry Experts possess extensive knowledge in law, finance, marketing or another specific area of business. These experts will meet with you one-on-one at 36 Degrees North to tackle whatever issue is facing your business.


    Program Experts


    Program Experts have a firm understanding of  the resources available for entrepreneurs. Their networks can connect you to the right people and organizations in Tulsa and around the country.




    Mentors have "been there, done that." This curated group of individuals can share real-world experiences because they have either started a company or been intimately involved at the startup phase. Mentors build a relationship with your company by meeting with you on a regular basis for a set amount of time.