Frequently Asked Questions


What is coworking?
Coworking is when startup founders, small business owners, freelancers and remote workers share a common workspace to lower overhead costs and build their networks.

Can 36 Degrees North help me get my business off the ground?
Our goal at 36°N is to be the front door of entrepreneurship in Tulsa. Our biggest role is connecting business owners and startup founders with workspace, community and resources. While we don't do any advising, we’d love to help you find the people and tools you need to get your business up and running.

How hands-on will 36 Degrees North be with my business?
36°N is a coworking space, not an incubator program. An incubator is like having a personal trainer whereas membership at a coworking space is like having a gym membership. Our members get out of their experience what they put into it. We provide resources and opportunities to network, learn and grow. However, we do not require our members to attend any particular events, and we do not track each business’ growth. (If you're looking for an incubator, make sure to check out the Forge, BetaBlox, Hemphill Creative and Kitchen 66.)

Can 36 Degrees North directly connect me to other resources in Tulsa?
Absolutely! We have a large list of community partners and would love to help you get in touch with them.

Where should I park when visiting 36 Degrees North?
You have a few options! Street parking in the Tulsa Arts District is $1/hour and can be paid by cash, credit card or the ParkMobile app. You can also park in the American Parking parking lot at the corner of Main and Cameron for $3/day. Free parking can be found at OSU Tulsa.

What are your hours?
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm, Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm


How much does it cost to be a member and what do I get?
Learn more about our membership options by clicking here.

If we’re both here part-time, can my business partner and I share one membership?
Unfortunately, no. Each individual must have their own membership if they plan to use the space. However, if one of you will be present more than the other, you may want to get a membership for one and day passes for the other. Day passes are $20 each. Contact our front desk to purchase day passes.

Does each person on my team have to have a membership?
If your team member will be working out of 36°N, then yes. He or she must have a membership. However, if your team member only comes in for a meeting every so often, that person is considered your guest and does not need a membership.

What if I have clients or partners coming in for a short meeting? Do they need a membership or a day pass?
If your client or team member is coming in for a scheduled meeting in a conference room, he or she does not need a membership nor a day pass. We just ask that he or she checks in at the front desk so we can keep track of who's coming and going.

I'd like to get a desk, but I heard there's a waiting list. How do I get on the waiting list?
Typically, you must have a coworking membership before moving up to the desk membership level. Once you become a coworking member, let our staff know that you’d like a desk, and we’ll get you on the waiting list.

How can my team get an office?
Our offices are usually completely full. To get on a waiting list, fill out this application. Our team will reach out when an office becomes available.

I want to be able to access the space on nights and weekends. Can I?
Desk members and office members automatically get 24/7 access to the space. Coworking members can add 24/7 access for an additional $50/month. All members with 24/7 access must complete a background check before getting a key fob.

How does membership billing work?
If you become a 36°N member in the middle of a month, you’ll pay a prorated rate for the rest of that month. Members are then charged automatically on the first of every month. Only credit and debit cards are accepted as forms of payment.

Do I have to sign a long-term lease when I become a member?
Nope. All memberships are on a month-to-month basis.

Can I receive mail at 36 Degrees North if I am a member?
Desk and office members are welcome to receive mail and use 36 E Cameron St as their listed address. Coworking members can only receive mail if they rent a 36°N mailbox for $25/month.

Do you offer discounts for students and teachers?
Yes! Teachers, professors and students of all levels get a discounted membership rate. Learn more here.

Day Passes

What does a day pass include?
A day pass includes access to the space during business hours, secure WiFi, bottomless coffee and admission to public workshops and events. Day passes do not expire.

What does a day pass NOT include?
Day pass users cannot use our printing services or conference rooms. You can, however, rent a conference room for $25/hour. Learn more here. Day pass users also cannot attend "member only" events. Town hall lunches, member breakfasts, family nights and exclusive workshops are for members only. They will be denoted on our calendar.

How much does a day pass cost and how do I get one?
Day passes are $20 each. Contact our front desk to purchase day passes.


Camp II

Do Basecamp members get to work at Camp II?
No, Camp II does not host any Basecamp members. However, Camp II members can use the workspace and resources at Basecamp.

What amenities does Camp II offer?

  • Furnished offices

  • Locked storage space

  • Fully-equipped conference rooms

  • Free printing, copying and scanning

  • Mail service

  • Kitchen with local coffee and healthy snacks

  • Receptionist present during business hours

  • Admission to all classes, workshops and member-only events at 36°N Basecamp

What do offices at Camp II cost?
Offices at Camp II range from $900/month to $2100/month. Camp II members can either pay month-to-month or a get a discounted rate by signing a year-long lease.

How can I get space at Camp II?
Fill out this form.


Renting Space

I’d like to rent space for an event I’m hosting. How do I do that? And what are your rates?
We have a limited amount of space for outside groups to rent. Learn more about renting space here.

I’m renting a conference room at 36 Degrees North. Do you have any preferred catering?
You are more than welcome to use any caterer you prefer. Our local favorites are:

  • Chimera Cafe

  • Antoinette Baking Co.

  • The Tavern/McNellie’s Group

  • Mexicali Border Cafe

  • Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant & Bar

  • Elote Cafe

  • Cosmo Cafe

  • Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Cue

  • Que Gusto

  • Take 2 Cafe

  • Bodhi's Bowl

  • The Vault

I have a meetup (i.e. user group, entrepreneurial organization, committee, etc)  that needs a consistent space to meet every month. Can we use 36 Degrees North?
If you believe your meetup aligns with our mission, vision and values, fill out this event rental form. Make sure to mention how frequently your meetup will occur in the comment section. Our staff will then contact you to get it on the calendar.