GitWit Video Team Lead

Gitwit is looking for a master visual storyteller to lead our video team. In this role, you will develop strategic insights into creative concepts and architect strategies for utilizing the right people across our team to deliver incredible outcomes for our clients.

Education/Background: 5+ years practical experience

Skills and Experiences:

  • Scoping and estimating production work

  • Developing discussion guides and scripts

  • Interviewing subjects on camera

  • Producing and directing animated, interview-driven, and commercial content

  • Story editing

  • Oversight of animated post-production

Schedule: Full-time, standard work week with flexibility

Benefits: competitive salary, technology package of your choice (including cell phone), private and collaborative workspace at one of the coolest office buildings in Tulsa, excellent health and dental insurance with 99% of the employee premium paid by us, 401k match, life insurance, flexible work schedule, plenty of vacation time to live your life

About Gitwit: Gitwit is a full-service innovation company built to rapidly move digital products, content, and strategies from discovery to execution.

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