Mo Time. Mo Money. 3D Mapping Provides Both

A Tulsa entrepreneur is changing the way architects and building owners do their jobs.

“Imagine this,” says Andrew Brister, founder of Andrew Brister Architecture + Visualization. “You’re a contractor or a designer or a property manager working on a project. And you’re in your office, miles and miles away from the site, and you realize you’re missing a piece of information. Your measurements seem off, or you forgot what a particular corner of a room looks like, or you’re trying to remember which direction a door opens.” Brister goes on to explain that you might have to drive all the way back to the site just to get that tidbit of information, in order to continue working.

“You’ve already spent all this time, money and effort, and you can’t get your work done, meet schedules and get paid because you have to go back out to the site. And it’s a drag,” says Brister.

That’s where his company comes into play. Brister creates 3D scans of buildings that his customers- and their teams- can access online.

“You can experience the site multiple times without even leaving your desk.”

Using various techniques and technologies, including what’s called a Matterport camera, Brister captures both interior and exterior 3D scans in full color. The scans are scaled and measurable and can be put together to create a full “doll house” model.

The end result is a virtual walk-through, kind of like Google Street View.

Brister says his work saves building owners and contractors both time and money. “We put [the scans] on the web for collaboration, and coordination, so that they can work better and come to resolution quicker,” Brister explains.

Andrew Brister with his Matterport camera. The images captured on this device create the model seen below.

Andrew Brister with his Matterport camera. The images captured on this device create the model seen below.

The virtual model can be annotated with notes and suggestions that a whole team can view. Clients can also look at Brister’s scans with virtual reality devices, giving the person the feeling of actually being in the space.

Brister says it’s been a long road to get his company off the ground. He says a big boost in his success came after becoming a member at 36 Degrees North, Tulsa’s nonprofit coworking space. “I have expanded my network to include people who have helped me in all aspects of my business. The have helped me stay on track and pushing as hard as I can to make things happen.”

Brister says his next goal is to raise awareness of his services and build his client list.

“All these are just first steps, but without [36 Degrees North], I probably would have given up or failed.”


Editor’s Note:

Andrew is just one example of how our members are building innovative businesses and changing our city. If you’re an entrepreneur hoping to take your next step, we’d love to have you join our community. Come in for a tour and check it out.

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