Who run the World? girls. Especially in Tulsa.

The wise Queen Bey (aka Beyoncé) once said... "This goes out to all the women... We're smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bear the children then get back to business... Who run the world? Girls."

If you're sitting at your computer thinking, "wait what?!" let's break this down for a second...

We're at a point in time when women across the world are tackling a LOT. They're leading countries. Becoming the face of major corporations. Challenging stereotypes. Fighting for civil rights. Here in Tulsa, some of our biggest foundations are run by women. Many of our favorite bakeries and clothing stores and spas were founded by women.

But often, when you're starting out, it's not near as glamorous as all that sounds. Especially if you have kids.

Example A:

"When I was on a conference call and my son came into the room naked while playing the harmonica, I knew it was time to stop working from home." -Nicole Morgan, Owner of Resolute PR, 36°N Member

As Nicole further explains in a recent Tulsa Kids article, being both a mom and a successful business woman can be challenging. But it IS doable.

At 36 Degrees North, we have made it our mission to help entrepreneurs create impactful, long-lasting businesses. If you feel like Nicole felt, and you need to take that next step, come as you are. Mess and all. We want to connect you to valuable resources, a quality workspace and a like-minded community.

Because you too can run the world.

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