Tulsa Named the Best City for Women Entrepreneurs

A recent survey by the Thumbtack Journal found that Tulsa is the best city in America for women to start a business, and to be honest, we're not surprised. Our city is full of great resources and a thriving community of diverse entrepreneurs- including numerous incredible women. And much to our delight, many of those women call 36 Degrees North home.

Many of our female members have similar backstories. They say, in other cities, they felt like outsiders, constantly fighting to get attention, make connections and convince investors to commit. But they discovered that in Tulsa, that's not the case.

News on 6 Anchor Erin Conrad talked to 36°N members Tammy Torkleson, the founder of Indigo Technology, and Kourtney Brooks, founder of KB Skincare, about how they ended up in Tulsa and why they stayed.

Click the video below to see Erin's report.

At 36 Degrees North, our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with a high-quality workspace, meaningful resources and a diverse community of passionate individuals. Here's a list of free events and local organizations catered specifically to female business owners:

  • Nerdy Girls: Shut Up & Work: a monthly meetup to get work done and do a little socializing 
  • Tulsa Women's Business Breakfast: a free, bimonthly breakfast for Tulsa business women to network and learn from their peers
  • Women's Free Coworking Day: a monthly event to get away from the distractions at home and knock out a ton of work (free wifi, bottomless coffee and free childcare included)
  • REI Women's Business Center: an organization designed to help Oklahoma’s enterprising women wanting to explore the opportunities of starting or expanding a business
  • RailsBridge: a free bootcamp for women interested in computer programming (no experience necessary)

There are also many co-ed organizations and events that our members have found helpful. Here are a few:

  • 1 Million Cups: a weekly event for entrepreneurs to present their startups to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors and business owners to get feedback and support
  • Tulsa Startup Series: a competition designed to help entrepreneurs get more funding for their ideas- it's like Shark Tank for Tulsa!
  • Kitchen 66: an organization to help food start-ups by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, a comprehensive business development program, tailored advising, and a robust network of mentors and distributors
  • Cultivate 918: an organization that provides a comprehensive listing of all Tulsa entrepreneurship-related events, activities, announcements, conferences, meetups, startups, etc.
  • The Forge: an incubator designed to accelerate the development and success of start-ups and existing businesses in Tulsa by offering a place where raw ideas and passionate people are shaped into entrepreneurial success stories

If you're a woman entrepreneur looking for some support, we'd love to have you join our community!
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