10 New Tulsa Startups to Keep an Eye On

The number of startup companies in the Tulsa area continues to grow. A big reason for that is access to extensive resources to help founders develop their products faster and smarter.

One of those resources is BetaBlox, a business incubator that prides itself in the ability to accelerate startups' growth and increase their valuations- all in exchange for a little equity. Participants travel from as far as Dallas to participate in Tulsa's program. It's competitive, fast-paced, and turns out some sweet companies. And here's the proof! The following are the latest BetaBlox graduates. We have a feeling this won't be the last time you'll hear about them...

1. Patron's Mobile

This nifty service helps restaurants create their own, customizable apps- without big upfront costs or long-term contracts. The app can display a menu, collect customer feedback, create a loyalty program and send push notifications to users about discounts, happy hours, etc.

2. Gold Plated

An on-demand, personal chef to do all the grocery shopping and cooking? Yes please. Gold Plated assesses the specific needs of a family to match them with the best personal chef in town. Chefs then work for the family on an hourly basis.

3. Buffalo Matcha

Matcha is the one of the most ~tReNdY~ ways to pump antioxidants into your body these days, but a lot of what's on the market, quite frankly, tastes disgusting. Enter Buffalo Matcha. The nitro-infused matcha tea is delicious (trust us, we tried it) and should be on store shelves very soon.

4. LaunchPad Labs

It's a beautiful thing when entrepreneurship serves the greater good. The curriculum created by LaunchPad Labs teaches students soft skills, like confidence, creative thinking, personal branding and time management, and is incredibly easy for teachers to implement.

5. Chef Club Box

Don't let this sweet face fool you. Remmi Smith has been hosting TV shows, writing cookbooks and competing in Food Network competitions for a while. Now she's rolling out a meal subscription program called Chef Club Box, specifically designed to teach teens how to cook tasty, healthy meals.

6. OnDemand Mechanic

The days of waiting around at an auto shop to get your oil changed will soon be long gone, thanks to OnDemand Mechanic. Just schedule an appointment online, and they'll come to you to perform a wide range of services.

7. Weather Battle

What happens when you combine a weather man and a sports anchor? The fantasy sports of weather. Created by KJRH Chief Meteorologist Mike Collier, this game challenges players to predict the weather to win a little cash.

8. Claymore Group

This complete construction management company focuses on so much more than just the "brick and mortar" of construction. They want to change their industry by offering services from the very beginning to the very end of a development project.

9. Blender Unleashed

3D graphics are all the rage, and Blender Unleashed will teach you how to create them from the comfort of your own home. Their curriculum can help both beginners and intermediate designers take their skills up a notch

10. A to B Hauling

Stop waiting for bulky trash day to get the junk out of your house or yard. Set up an appointment with this on-demand service to get rid of big trash items, clean up property and even do the dirty work after a home remodel.