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Wes Bergmann

We make startups better, faster – guaranteed. We accept roughly 10 teams at once that start-and-grow together cohort-style; similar what it’d be like making lifelong friends in a military’s bootcamp. Not only do each of these teams help each other out, we step in with a bevy of products and services that will add gasoline to a founder’s trajectory. Think of it as our contribution to the founding of your company. In exchange we become small minority shareholders in your startup with no voting rights or power. We like to think of ourselves as your co-founder who doesn’t expect a salary. We will only charge you once your company reaches a liquidation event (IPO, acquisition, dividends, etc.) – and even then, it’s just a pinch. The program represents a very structured and hands-on six months, followed by several years of value-added services. We start as an accelerator, grow into an incubator, and end as your friends and partners. 

Roughly 10% of the people that apply to BetaBlox are admitted. We take all kinds of businesses, at various stages of development. We look for everything from scalable startups, to high revenue potential small businesses. We care very little about what you’re building, and instead care a TON about who you are. So if you’re awesome, don’t hesitate to apply today.