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Meredith Peebles

Cultivate918 was formed to put the power to create a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem back in the hands of Tulsa’s entrepreneurs. It’s about bringing together high-energy, fearless entrepreneurs who are willing to take the lead in overcoming the challenges that have hindered the growth of a strong, cohesive entrepreneurial community in Tulsa. It’s about working together to support and implement innovative ideas that work and pivoting together when they don’t. In short, it’s about collaborating, acting fast, showing results, and coming back for more.

Cultivate918 is currently sponsored by the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, which is a grant making non-profit organization. Because of the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders, they truly believe supporting all types of entrepreneurship from restaurants to tech startups is one of the most effective ways to increase the quality of life in Tulsa.

Stay informed about Tulsa’s Entrepreneurial Scene through Cultivate918. We exist to provide a comprehensive listing of all Tulsa Entrepreneurship related events, activities, announcements, conferences, meetups, startups, etc. We strive to meet the needs of Tulsa’s entrepreneurs and stakeholders by working together to strengthen the community currently in existence. Our goal is to focus on methods and mechanisms that break down silos, improve communication and increase alignment in the community.

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