Cherokee Nation Small Business Assistance Center


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The Cherokee Nation Small Business Assistance Center (SBAC) is proud to serve and support Indian-owned businesses by providing access to capital for new business start-ups and business expansion projects. Dedicated to the growth of Indian-owned companies, the SBAC also provides business coaching services designed to enhance the operations of small businesses, and strives to assist Native American-owned companies to have a greater presence in the business community.

A valuable resource for Native American businesses, the One Stop Business Center provides certified Indian owned businesses access to bid information relating to procurement opportunities with the Cherokee Nation Government and its business entities, as well as a number of outside organizations who seek to do business with minorities. Constantly working to increase its capacity and meet the needs of all business owners, the SBAC has created partnerships with leading business development institutions throughout the Cherokee Nation. Additionally, the SBAC promotes the idea of business to business and encourages certified Indian-owned businesses to support one another by creating business relationships.

In 2015, the SBAC provided technical assistance to more than 7,750 aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners in workshop settings. Nearly 200 Certified Indian owned businesses took advantage of one-on-one coaching available through the One Stop Business Center. The Small Business Assistance Center through the Cherokee Nation Economic Development Trust Authority is proud to have loaned over $1.6 million dollars to Indian-owned businesses. These loan dollars account for the creation or retention of 188 jobs within the Cherokee Nation. 

The SBAC is proud of the accomplishments that were made in 2015 and will work to exceed our goals in 2016. The Small Business Assistance Center is constantly evolving its products and services to better meet the needs of Indian-owned businesses. The demand for services provided by the One Stop Business Center continues to increase, and the staff of the SBAC continues to rise to the challenge of this steady increase of traffic. It is the dedication of the Small Business Assistance Center staff and the leadership of its management team that ensures the resources needed by Indian-owned businesses are readily available.