Tulsa Economic Development Corporation


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Brian Humphrey


Over the last five years, we've provided or located more than $150 million to help nearly 300 small businesses start or expand. These dollars will impact over 3,500 jobs. In 2005, we began to do business as TEDC Creative Capital reflecting our expanded range of programs and geographic reach.  Today, we make or facilitate loans ranging from $5,000 to $10 million using public and private funds. Our mission remains the same as it was at our founding: to create economic vitality in communities by encouraging small business growth. 

TEDC receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development's CDBG program as a City of Tulsa sub-recipient, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the U.S. Department of Treasury's CDFI Fund, and other public-private resources.

Seed Step Angels


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Kevin Moore


We are a formalized group of Angel Investors, managed by i2E, Inc., created to narrow the capital gap in Oklahoma by making the investment process between early stage companies and member angel investors more efficient.
SeedStep angels is designed to provide investors with increased deal flow, coordinated due diligence and standardized term sheets and company valuations.

The Organization

SeedStep Angels was founded in 2009 in response to the growing need for an organized angel effort in Oklahoma. Due to the widening gap in the capital markets, there is a shortage of funding available at the seed stage ($250K-$5M). This funding gap represents a great opportunity for investment in companies with substantial growth potential but an inability to attract venture capital.

Seedstep members invest their time, talent and/or capital in companies with solid business models and in entrepreneurs with successful growth experience.



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Mike Payne


Onefire Holding Co. is a wholly owned Muscogee (Creek) Nation subsidiary based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The holding company oversees management and operation of a diverse group of commercial, non-gaming investments,  [RWCinterior-300x169] including Tulsa’s original Arkansas River commercial development, a 46-year-old defense contractor, a cutting-edge construction industry supplier, and an online school for entrepreneurs. Onefire projects coming online this year include a CNG fueling station and the FlyingTee, Tulsa’s golf-themed entertainment and dining experience.



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Veronica Hix


Going into business is not easy for anyone, but assistance can offset disadvantages. Around three out of four businesses fail or quit after five years. Small business ownership is particularly difficult for people who have not had the benefit of a history of inclusion in mainstream society. It has been demonstrated that in all groups, people who are provided with assistance during the early stages of a business have a much higher chance of success. Such assistance has included: access to business knowledge, capital, mentoring and business networks. In order for business assistance strategies to be effective, they should be adapted to meet the needs of those they are designed to serve. These realities led visionary tribal business development leaders to create ONABEN - Our Native American Business Network.

ONABEN – Our Native American Business Network was founded in 1991 through the leadership and vision of four Oregon Tribes who wanted to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in their communities and to help grow a private business sector on their reservations. Today, with over 20 year’s experience providing products and services to Indian Country, ONABEN’s mission is to support Native individuals, economic development organizations and communities by increasing opportunities for sustainable economic growth through culturally relevant entrepreneurial training and organizational development. ONABEN accomplishes this mission by providing Native entrepreneurs, and the community-based economic development organizations that serve them, a broad range of accessible, culturally-specific business curricula, programs, technical assistance, assisted access to financing and positive business-to-business relationships. As an innovator in product development and leader in capacity building, ONABEN has established a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest, and by leveraging its resources and partnerships, has become a national leader in implementing innovative strategies to increase family assets and expand private economies in Native communities through small business development.

Always reflective of its primary audience, ONABEN has a unique understanding of the Native communities we serve and is sensitive to the diverse cultures, situations and peoples who encompass Native communities across the country. Through our trainings, the voice of aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners is heard and the need for continued business development training is clear. Local organizations often do not have staff capacity or internal knowledge to build training programs for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. ONABEN uses its Indianpreneurship business model to not only provide direct services to entrepreneurs, but to increase the capacity of CDFIs and business development organizations by providing organizational development trainings and trainings associated with principles of Indianpreneurship. ONABEN bridges the gap between service provider and entrepreneur crucial to the stability and viability of organizations serving the Native business community. Without the skills and knowledge to develop a business idea, small businesses are less likely to succeed. Therefore, the need for technical assistance to help grow and establish private sector business in Native communities must be met.